Directivity Sphere 30cm for hydrophones incl. mount

The DS-30 Directivity Sphere from Ambient Recording is a sonar surround Directivity Sphere with a mount which gives omnidirectional hydrophones directivity close to a supercardioid. This allows audio engineers to utilize approved recording techniques underwater. The Directivity Spheres are manufactured with PE-HD material, which can withstand a water depth of at least 3,280.8' without altering its acoustic behavior. By customizing the diameter of the spheres, the directivity corner frequencies can be as low as 100 Hz. The directive efficiency of the DS depends on the diameter of the sphere. The standard size is Polar Pattern DS-30 and customized sizes up to 78.7" are possible. This Directivity Sphere can be used with most common hydrophones.

Main Benefits:

  • Diameter for directivity and handling
  • Harmonic sound despite directivity
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