Coiled mixer/camera loom, SD552, w/ TC, 2 breakouts, TRS

The 70.8 to 157.4" Ambient Recording HBS552Y7-35 Coiled Mixer Cable for SD 552 Mixer comes with a two Y-breakout cable plus the coiled HBS7-7 breakaway cable. On the mixer side, the HBYATC7-35W Y-breakout cable features a 7-pin XLR male to dual 3-pin XLR female and mono return via 3.5mm TRS right angle and TA3F (TC-IN) connector for time code. On the camera side, the HBY7TC-35 Y-breakout cable has a 7-pin XLR female to dual 3-pin XLR male and mono return via 3.5mm TRS mini plug on coiled cord with BNC right angle plug for time code from camera to the SD 552 mixer.

145 225 Ft
(114 350 Ft excl VAT)
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