Software licence: Logging Data Server for TouchMonitor TM7 (20700, 20700OEM), TM9 (20900, 20900OEM), and TMR7 (TMR7, TMR7OEM)

--- Precondition: Licence SW20002 is installed! ---

This module allows to collect data of Loudness and TruePeak measurements and either to store them on a USB flash drive or to send them via IP connection to the LQL - Loudness Quality Logger PC software for analyzing (available free of charge at PC Software/LQL - Loudness Quality Logger section to registered users). At Audio Monitors/TouchMonitor TM7 - Manuals section of members area (Manuals & Software) you may find a tutorial.
The module also includes the Loudness Chart instrument for displaying and analyzing the course of a loudness measurement directly on TM7's display.

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