PCS-Boom Connector w/ 1 x 3/8” tip included


Product Code: 185801

The Professional Connection System (‘PCS’) is the all-new quick attach/quick release connection system from Rycote. The first Rycote PCS product is the new PCS-Boom Connector, which has been designed for professional boom pole use. Attach the Connector to any 3/8″ threaded boom pole, and affix the included 3/8″ male ‘tip’ to your mic’s shock-mount or windshield. Connection/release is then a quick and easy ‘click’ in/pull-out operation! This allows for super-fast swapping of your different mics (and windshield kits) on and off… perfect for all manner of production sound recording applications!

31 953 Ft
(25 160 Ft excl VAT)
5 5 35 Product

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