QRT QuickLok


QuickLok quick release including 2x QRTT threaded tips

The Ambient Recording QuickLok Quick Release Mount is designed to provide snap-on / snap-off microphone assembly mounting onto boom poles. The system consists of a mounting stud and two tips that join in a twist-lock motion for easy connection and release. The QuickLok is a convenient tool for quick microphone assembly and quiet, rattle-free operation. The Quicklok fits any 3/8" thread as encountered on all microphone booms.

Main Benefits:

  • Fits on all 3/8" Microphone Boompoles
  • Self-locking and self-locating action
  • Rattle-free connection
48 705 Ft
(38 350 Ft excl VAT)
5 5 4 Product

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