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TC input cable f. the iPhone/iPad, Lemo 5-pin to 3.5mm TRRS

The Ambient Recording Input Cable for Clockit TC App for iPod Touch/ iPhone/ iPad is a Timecode cable capable of connecting your Apple mobile device to any Ambient Clockit product. It allows you to use the Timecode / TC App for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, a device which essentially converts your MP3 player, smartphone or tablet into a versatile production tool for scripts, logging and any kind of timecode monitoring needs you may have. The cable's 1/8" (3.2 mm) TRS plug connector goes into the 1/8" jack of your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. The other end, a Lemo 5-pin connector, can connect to any Ambient Clockit device. The cable is approximately 23.6" (60 cm) in length.

Main Benefits:

  • Input Cable for TC App
  • Connects Mobile Device to Clockit Device
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