replaced by: UMP III

Universal Microphone Powering P48 / P12 / T12

The Ambient Recording UMP II Universal Microphone Power Supply is a compact and lightweight device designed to mount on the end of a boompole or be carried on the belt with an optional UMP-BC clip (sold separately), to enhance the battery life of a wireless beltpack transmitter. The UMP II is powered by a pair of AA batteries, and features input and output connections. A 4-color LED interface indicates battery status, and selected powering mode that covers 12 and 48 volt phantom plus 12V T-power.

Main Benefits:

  • For Use on the Boomtip
  • Powered by 2x AA Cells
  • Lengthens Beltpack Battery Life
  • 4-Color LED Interface
  • Input & Output Connectors
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