ACN-LSW csapó


Time Code Slate complete w. maple wood clapstick w/ bag

The maple wood, ACN-LSW Lockit, Modular Timecode Slate and Display by Ambient Recording provides a rock solid, accurate, temperature compensated timecode generator. It features double the brightness with the use of four AA batteries. The slate comprises functionalities including ACN (Ambient Clockit Network) support, metadata and clap time transfer, and logging. These network capabilities also allow the Lockit Slate to be a fully functional, generator buffered timecode transceiver. This provides the stability of a Clockit generator with the flexibility of a wireless TC system but without the fear of dropouts.

Main Benefits:

  • Temperature Compensating TC Generator
  • Bright LED TC Display
  • Generator-Buffered Timecode Transceiver
  • Ambient Clockit Network Support
  • Less Than 1 Frame / Day Drift
  • OLED Display
  • LTC / MTC Conversion
  • USB Port
569 595 Ft
(448 500 Ft nettó)
5 5 2 Product